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Quality is to be 100% Application area: petrochemical industry, pressure casting industry, textile industry, ship marine industry, environmental protection industry, auto parts industry and so on.
By deka hydraulic | 25 October 2018 | 3228 Comments

Hydraulic Oil Cylinder Supplier

Deka Hydraulic focusses on the high qualified hydraulic oil cylinders' manufacturing. We have in-depth experience in technology and applications for oil cylinders. 

Our cylinder programm is based on the standard cylinder. Additional elements allow to build up oil cylinders and other special cylinders. The cylinders are sold in varies diameters that mainly between 32 to 200 mm. The cylinder has a slim and space saving design. They are characterized by performance, longevity and easy of maintenance.

Special cylinders for special requirments are possible by the combination of standard cylinders with special assembly elemennts. The combination of different assembly elements also allows application specific custom-made products.

The cylinder programm has been developed by our owm engineers and has proven itself successfully in the market for many years. Customer-oriented working policy guarantees the frequent interaction of simplified process, which bring us the maximum efficiency and the best performance.


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