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Daily maintenance of hydraulic pump

Daily maintenance of the hydraulic pump

As the core component of hydraulic system, the normal operation of hydraulic pump is very important to the stability and reliability of the whole system.


The following is the daily maintenance method of hydraulic pump:


1. Replace hydraulic oil regularly, according to the use of hydraulic pump and manufacturer requirements, replace hydraulic oil and filter element regularly.

2 Avoid overload work during the operation, avoid instant start or stop, in order to reduce the wear of hydraulic pump.

3. Check the seals and sealing surfaces of the hydraulic pump regularly to ensure the normal sealing performance.

4. Check the working pressure, flow rate and temperature of the hydraulic pump regularly to ensure its normal operation.

5. Check the installation and fixing of hydraulic pump regularly to ensure its stability and safety.

6. Regular cleaning and maintenance of hydraulic pump, including cleaning pump body, sliding bearing and gear, etc., coated with appropriate lubricating oil.

In short, regular inspection and maintenance of hydraulic pump is an important measure to ensure the normal operation of hydraulic system and extend the life of hydraulic pump.

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